Double Hutch For Your Rabbit

A double hutch is a great choice for a rabbit’s living quarters. A hutch has an enclosed part and an open section where your pet can look out. There is plenty of room to store food, toys, and other cage accessories. A hutch with a ramp is easy to move from one area to the next. Once inside, the sheltered areas are great for your pet’s safety and comfort.

A double hutch for rabbits is designed for two animals. It has separate living areas and is equipped with metal bars on two sides for protection against the elements. The hutch has a removable cleaning bar so you can sweep the mess away with ease. It also comes with a 1-year warranty and is easy to assemble with two people. After purchasing your new abode, your rabbit will be happy and healthy.

A double hutch is perfect for indoor rabbits. A hutch has individual living areas, including a nesting box on the top level. Each tier has a front door and two secure doors. Each level features a pull-out tray for the rabbit’s waste. These abodes offer plenty of space for your little furry friend. And since they’re so small, they need more space for exercise.

A double hutch is the perfect size for two rabbits. It comes with a run on the ground and a wood house with a waterproof shingle roof. The hutch also has a galvanized slide-out pan. You can wipe it clean to keep it dry and safe for your pet. This abode is durable enough to last for years. A double slanted roof prevents rainwater from accumulating on the bottom level.

If you want to keep two rabbits, this double hutch may be just the thing. It has separate living spaces and large open areas. Each level features a nesting area and large, open areas. The double hutch has two easy-to-remove plastic litter pans. You can easily clean these with a simple wipe-down. This hutch is a great choice for two pets.

A double hutch offers the best of both worlds: a double hutch provides more privacy for your pets and allows more light into the room. This double slant slanted hutch is ideal for large breeds of rabbits. It also offers ample space for your pet. Moreover, the hutch is easy to clean. It also has a locking latch that prevents your rabbit from getting out.

A double hutch makes cleaning easy. Its raised feet and slanted roof prevent rainwater from collecting. It is made from durable wood and wire. The double hutch is predator-proof with a locking latch. Its raised feet and ramp provide maximum air circulation and help prevent wood rot. If your rabbit is large, a double tier slanted hutch is a great option.

The Cocoon double hutch is a popular choice for both indoor and outdoor use. Its living space sits on top of a run that runs underneath. A single hutch with a wooden floor is ideal for smaller animals. A small, open living area is good for larger rabbits. A slanted hutch can be used as a playroom for larger pets. Its doors can be closed or open.

A double hutch is a great choice for both indoor and outdoor use. This hutch is spacious and has separate living areas for your rabbits. It features a nesting box with a metal mesh front door. Despite being double sided, it has two easy-to-clean plastic litter pans. The slanted top of the hutch will prevent your bunny from getting stuck in the hutch.

The Chartwell Double Rabbit Hutch is a great choice for a rabbit’s home. Its elevated design allows your rabbits to relax and nap while still having plenty of space to hop and move around. The hutch comes with four barrel-bolted doors, a removable tray, and two-level shelving. You can even lock the upper part of the hutch so that it is out of reach of predators.