Unusual Rabbit Hutches

There are many different types of unusual rabbit hutches. The one you choose should be spacious and have a secluded sleeping area. The hutch should also have multiple entrances and a removable tray for cleaning. The price is a little higher than average but the extra space is worth it. However, if you are looking for something a bit different, you can find a few ideas below. Let us take a look at some of these hutches and decide for ourselves which one is best for our rabbits.

The most common type of rabbit hutch is a plastic crate with a mesh wire top and a removable litter box. The crate is small and easy to clean, and it has two levels. The hutch is also a good size for bunnies. There are ramps so your bunnies can get in and out easily. This is also a good choice if you have limited space or want to keep the hutch clean.

Another type of hutch for your buns is a pyramid-shaped hutch. Its pyramid shape makes it a great attraction for passersby. It’s also easy to assemble. These hutches are a good option for first-time rabbit owners because they provide a safe place for their pets. If you prefer a more traditional hutch, you can always buy a kit that includes the basic parts.

Some bunny owners prefer to keep their bunnies inside their homes. They allow their rabbits to roam around the house and use the litter box. The problem with large hutches is that they take up too much space in the house and can smell. If you want to give your rabbits plenty of room, you may want to buy a smaller hutch, which won’t take up as much space. Then again, a smaller sized crate with a litter box is a great option.

Another option is an unusual rabbit hutch. These are often made of clear plastic and have a ramp at the top. A hutch with two levels will be more appealing for your rabbits because they can easily jump up and down between the levels. A hutch with a ramp is easier to clean and is more convenient for you as well. These hutches are also more affordable than larger crates. They are also more durable than most.

The Oypla hutch is a fun option. It’s shaped like a pyramid, which attracts attention. It’s easy to assemble, and the pyramid-shaped design will make your bunnies happy. If you’re looking for a rabbit hutch that looks like a pyramid, look no further than Oypla’s pyramid-shaped model. It has two levels and a ramp on the front.

The Scurrty hutch is another excellent option. This hutch is available in two different sizes. Unlike most rabbit hutches, it has two separate levels. This provides plenty of room for three rabbits. Its two front doors are designed to allow easy access for cleaning. This hatch is also easy to set up. If you’re considering an unusual rabbit abode, this could be a good choice.

While many people keep their rabbits outside, others choose to keep them inside. Some prefer to give them free rein in their houses, while others prefer to keep their rabbits in a hutch outside. A large hutch is not the best choice for a rabbit, as it will occupy too much space inside and be smelly. The Oypla hutch is also an easy option. Unlike other deluxe pens, it’s easy to assemble and clean, and your bunnies will love it.

The FeelGoodUK rabbit hutch has a slide-out cleaning tray and a full-size run underneath the sleeping compartment. Moreover, the hutch’s metal frame is easy to maintain, while the flimsy legs make it less appropriate for a single bunny. Nevertheless, it looks attractive and has the unique design that will attract your rabbits’ attention. So, if you are looking for a hutch that’s both attractive and functional, the Oypla is a great choice.

The Treacle hutch is a popular choice among rabbit lovers. The hutch is small and exposed to the elements, with no shelter. The Treacle hatch can be uncomfortable for your rabbit because the bare bones of your bunny are exposed. Your pet will be prone to painful spinal deformities. It’s therefore important to choose an appropriate hutch for your pet. You can even get an interesting model for your bunny.