The Pawhut 2 Tier Rabbit Hutch

The Pawhut is a house-style indoor area with a hoop for your furry friend. It offers safety and privacy while the upper level is designed for freedom and privacy. The internal ramp allows for quick access and provides quick and easy access to the lower level. The front courtyard area is large enough for your pet to hoop around and enjoy all of the freedom that this deluxe hutch has to offer.

The pawhut 2 tier rabbit hutches are made of sturdy fir wood and allow for lots of air circulation. The deluxe wooden rabbit hutch is a stylish addition to any home. It has a slide-out pan tray and is easy to assemble. The hutch comes with instructions for assembly. It is great for small animals and has plenty of room to spread out.

The PawHut 2 tier rabbit hutch is easy to clean, thanks to its hinged roof and wooden doors. With its large size and numerous windows, it will provide your rabbit with a natural habitat. Whether your bunny prefers a cage or an open run, a hutch will ensure your pet’s safety. It also has lockable multi-doors to prevent accidental escapes and a waterproof roof. It is designed to protect your pet from a variety of outdoor elements without compromising its quality.

The PawHut 2-tier rabbit hutch is made of durable, all-weather materials that are weather-resistant. It has a convenient ramp for easy access to the attic for additional storage space. The hutch comes with two large plastic litter pans. The upper area has plenty of room to hide and rest. The pawhut is a versatile choice for a backyard or a kennel.

The Pawhut 2 tier rabbit hutch has lockable doors and a hinged roof. It is easy to move due to the wheels under the living and sleeping area. Besides, the hutch weighs more than 100 pounds, so you can use a dolly or a wheelbarrow to carry it around. The pawhut is perfect for bunnies that are similar in size to your pet.

This 2-tier rabbit hutch is the best choice for your rabbit if you have two-tiered rabbits. It has two levels – a living area and a run area. The living area is divided into a run-level and a lower level for a storage attic. The pawhut 2 t tier has a slide-out tray for easy access to the run.

If you live in an area with very cold winters, this hutch is perfect for your pet. It has a built-in ramp and multiple windows. Its insulated roof also makes it safe from the cold weather. The pawhut 2 tier rabbit cot will be your pet’s new home in no time! There is no need to worry about the temperature. Its dual-level hutch has a temperature control and a heating system.

The pawhut 2 tier rabbit hutches are designed to provide a warm and comfortable environment for your pets. These pens are made of sturdy steel wires and a tilted roof. The hutch’s walls are also covered with water-based paint. This pawhut is ideal for two animals. Its four-doors allow you to easily move your pet in and out of the hutch.

A two-story pawhut 2 tier rabbit hutches are perfect for homes with limited floor space. They are portable, have a solid wood back wall, and are made for two rabbits. One story is about 32 square feet and the other has a separate living area and a ramp. Depending on the size of your home and the number of rabbits you have, a four-tier pawhut may be the right choice.

The pawhut two-story critter hatch is made of steel wire and a wrought iron frame. Its design is intuitive, and the doors can be easily opened and closed for your rabbit’s safety. The hutch is made of natural fir wood and comes in many different colors. You can purchase the pawhut 2 tier rabbit hatch online or from a pet store.