Petface Double Rabbit Hutch

The Petface Double Rabbit Hutch is made to house two rabbits at one time. The double hutch has a 12 3/8″ wide platform and two large doors for easy access and secure locking. There is a front gated door that prevents the rabbits from escaping. Each level includes a small hiding/nesting box and an easy-to-remove plastic litter tray.

It is perfect for both rabbits and guinea pigs. It comes with opening doors and a mesh feeding chamber, as well as a private sleeping chamber. Its stable construction allows for easy cleanup, and it includes all parts necessary for easy assembly. Besides being great for guinea pigs, the Petface Double Rabbit Hutch is also easy to assemble with a Phillips screwdriver.

The Petface Double Rabbit Hutch comes with a lockable ramp, four open doors, and a spacious attic area. It comes with a raised floor to maintain a comfortable temperature and adds protection from dampness. There’s also a separate section for the bunnies to roam freely. The hutch is designed for both guinea pigs and rabbits. It also has a space for accessories and an easy-to-use ramp for easy access to the run below.

A double-door design makes it easy for your rabbit to get in and out of the hutch. You don’t have to worry about your rabbits being confined to one end of the hutch, as there are four opening doors. There’s also a large enclosed section for playing. All of this helps to provide the ultimate comfort for your pet. You’ll be able to see what your pet is doing when they’re free and are enjoying their new home.

The Petface Double Rabbit Hutch is made with your pet in mind. It features an attic and a separate side for resting. It has seven doors, including a ramp, which provides a safe way for your rabbit to jump in and out of the hutch. Another unique feature is the ramp that connects the hutch. Aside from the ramp, this deluxe insulated hatch also includes an insulated, waterproof mat for your rabbits.

The Petface Double Rabbit Hutch is designed with the safety of your rabbit in mind. The hutch is predator-proof and has two compartments for the rabbits to sleep, play, and eat. The two doors also provide ample room for your bunny to move around. Its design makes it easy for you to clean and maintain. This hutch is also available in many different sizes.

The PetFace Double Rabbit Hutch can hold up to two rabbits. Its wire grate is removable and can be used for keeping your pet safe. It is available in a variety of sizes and styles. Aside from the double hutch, you can also buy a cover for your pet. Lastly, the PetFace Rabbit Hutch can accommodate up to six rabbits.

This hutch has a removable cover and a run. Its large openings make cleaning easy. Its iron wire upper frame is made of PS80 and is made of plastic. The petface Double Rabbit Hutch has a plastic base that will allow you to add more bedding to the cage. Its cover is machine stitched to ensure it will last for a long time. The Petface Double Rabbit Hutch is easy to install.

The Petface Double Rabbit Hutch has a spacious balcony with two tiers. The top level has a sliding wire door for easy access. This hutch is easy to clean. The plastic clips on the top and sides are sturdy and durable. The sides have a wire door that opens easily. This hutch can hold up to three rabbits at a time. The bottom level is made of wood and steel.

The Petface Double Rabbit Hutch is made to last a long time. It comes with four wheels for mobility and a slide-out plastic pan for cleaning. Its dimensions are 29.5″ W x 24″ H. It has a double-door design that allows your rabbits to have a separate sleeping area. Its sturdy metal wire is resistant to pests and is a predator-proof hutch.