ECOFLEX Small Animal Hutch Review

Whether you have a rabbit, hamster, guinea pig, or other small animal, a high-quality, safe indoor hutch is an excellent choice. Unlike other brands, EcoFlex combines the safety of a proprietary formula with the aesthetics of reclaimed wood to create an indoor rabbit hutch that is both affordable and stylish. It features two levels of fun, allowing you to house your animal comfortably and enjoy the activity of keeping a clean environment.

The ECOFLEX small animal hutch is made of a proprietary blend of recycled plastic and reclaimed wood fibers. It flips open for easy access and has a textured mesh cover to provide maximum air flow. The ecoFLEX hutch can withstand the elements and is completely safe for small animals. It comes with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty to protect your investment.

The Columbia rabbit hutch is a dual-level unit. It has an upper living area with a predator-resistant lock and a lower shady area. The upper living area is accessible via a ramp. The shady area is accessible from the lower level by a ramp. The slanting roof also provides easy access to the grass. ECOFLEX Columbia rabbit hutch has a 10-year warranty.

ECOFLEX is a non-toxic material that makes it easy to clean. In addition to being non-toxic, ECOFLEX is resistant to moisture and odor, which means it can be used to create a safe and comfortable indoor rabbit hutch for your pet. New Age Pet’s EHRH002-16 Park Avenue indoor rabbit hutch includes optional casters and a removable tray for easy access.