Advantages of a Two Storey Hutch

If you need a large hutch for your horses, you might consider getting a two-storey wooden hutch. These wooden hutches have an open bottom and a large area for grazing. These hay barns have a ramp to access the upper floors. The hay barns have two doors and a hard-wearing asphalt felt roof. They weigh about 18 pounds and are made of 100 percent Chinese fir wood.

Two-storey hutches can be constructed easily and can be extended to accommodate multiple animals. The hutch features an asphalt roof, which prevents water and pest damage. The wooden hutches are treated with a waterproof agent, so they are weather-resistant. These hay barns come with a matching cover, so they can be used year-round. Listed below are some advantages of using this hay barn for your farm:

A two-storey hutch is a perfect solution for large animals and small pets. The hutch measures 91 by 45 inches in size. The ramp allows easy access from one level to the other. The hay shed also has a raised base, making it suitable for rabbits, guinea pigs, and other small animals. You can add an enclosed run to your hay barn or a separate room for your horses.

If you want a hutch for your animals, consider a two-storey hutch. This type of hay barn is great for pets and small sized pets. It provides a safe place for your little ones to hide away. The hutch also comes with instructions for self-assembly. The weight of this unit is approximately 24 kilograms, which makes it perfect for smaller animals.

A two-storey hutch is the perfect choice for small rabbits. Its height is a bit taller than a typical hay barn. This is the perfect size for small rabbits and is designed to house three to four rabbits. Depending on the size of your hay barn, you can buy a single-storey hutch or a two-storey coop. These can be placed anywhere in the yard.