Blue Seal Show Hutch Deluxe

The premium extruded feed for show rabbits is Show Hutch Deluxe 17. It is formulated to help rabbits maintain good health and maintain body conformation, and reduce the risk of digestive problems. The extruded form is easier to digest, making it ideal for a variety of health conditions, from lactation to adult maintenance. It is also rich in fiber and promotes proper feed intake, making it ideal for rabbits in show pens.

Blue Seal(r) Show Hutch Deluxe is suitable for rabbits in all categories, including pregnant and growing does. Unlike pelleted feeds, this super premium formula is easy to measure. One standard measuring cup contains 4 oz of the product. Always remember that feeding by volume will leave your rabbits severely undernourished. The feed also contains papaya, which helps prevent hairballs and reduces respiratory disorders.